How Can We Help?

So what makes us different?
You do.

Your needs come first, because we measure our success on your success.

Sure, we have the quality, safety, and an order-fill ratio to compete with anyone, but that alone doesn’t necessarily make us the right fit for your business.

We separate ourselves from others in the industry with a belief that together we can achieve great things, that a team is stronger than an individual, and that a real connection with you, our customer, is the most valuable asset of our business.

We want to be more than just an assembly line because you need more. We want to be your problem solvers and unique thinkers, but most of all we want to be on your team.

Contact us and let’s talk about how we can help.

Food Safety

Your Reputation is Our Priority

There is nothing more important than making sure we produce safe high quality food for you and your customers. That's why we chose to pursue the highest certification level of Safe Quality Foods (SQF) – Level 3. Currently most similar manufacturers only choose to be certified at Level 2.

We were not satisfied with just one of our plants being certified, so we set the target higher. Since 2011, all three of our production facilities have achieved the SQF Level 3 status.

Why was this important to Branding Iron? Because we have a culture of innovative food safety intervention and we believe we are doing more than simply providing you with food products - We are protecting your reputation.

Food safety is our highest priority. We begin our process by ensuring our suppliers adhere to stringent specifications. Our raw materials are inspected when received and our quality assurance and operations team work hand-in-hand throughout the process to deliver products that meet your requirements and specifications.

At Branding Iron we believe in, and practice Prevention vs. Inspection. Our more than 700 team members are working diligently to make sure we deliver the product you expect - every time.

Research & Development

We make tomorrow better.

Branding Iron’s product development team is continually analyzing market trends and consumer insights, merging their findings with your feedback. And our three Mid-western facilities are equipped for innovation and increased capacity. Efforts like these put unmatched focus into new ideas and facilities that change the industry for the better. Not just for the future of our business but for the future of yours.

Flexibility and Customization

No matter how big our business gets, we keep our focus on yours.

That means choices and competitive pricing you expect from a large operation with focused personal attention on your unique business. All of our creations can be molded to suit your needs, because we’re not selling products, we’re selling solutions.