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Branding Iron was formally introduced to the world in 2013 and we’ve been changing perceptions ever since. Combining the strengths of our three core companies, Holten Meats, Rochester Meat Company and Huisken Meat Company, has allowed us to hit the ground running in every way. But the combined reputations, equipment, teams and processes of our big three isn’t the driving force behind Branding Iron. It’s the unified “customer-centric” philosophy, putting your reputation before ours, that really makes this thing work so well.

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Holten Meats

For more than five decades, St. Louis-area Holten Meat has been a family-owned player in a sector dominated by giants. Over the years the company used a strong focus on customer needs to grow from a four-employee local company to a more than 300-employee state-of-the-art processor. Innovative solutions like the THICK N JUICY® burger are a great example of the strong customer centered attitude your business will appreciate.

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Rochester Meat Company

Since 1960 Rochester Meat Company has used its mid-western work ethic to set the innovation bar high. There’s not a better example of Rochester’s problem solving nature than the creation of the Cloud burger. A totally unique idea that combines all the goodness of a hand formed burger with the ease of a frozen one. It’s this kind of problem solving for clients that’s sure to make your business even better.


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